WITH tiny wrinkles and cries, he entered the world and, wrapped in strips of cloth, took his first nap on a bed of straw. Subject to time and to parents, he grew to manhood in Roman-occupied Palestine, his gentle hands becoming strong and calloused in Joseph’s woodworking shop. As a man, he walked through the countryside and city, touching individuals, preaching to crowds, and training 12 men to carry on his work. At every step he was hounded by those seeking to rid the world of his influence. Finally, falsely accused and tried, he was condemned to a disgraceful execution by foreign hands. And he died—spat upon, cursed, pierced by nails, and hung heavenward for all to deride. Jesus, the God-man, gave his life completely so that all might live.  At God’s appointed time, the risen and ascended Lord Jesus will burst onto the world scene. Then everyone will know that Jesus is Lord of the universe! Those who love him will rejoice, greeting their Savior with hearts overflowing into songs of praise. But his enemies will be filled with fear. Allied with Satan, the enemies of Christ will marshal their legions against Christ and his armies. But who can withstand God’s wrath? Christ will win the battle and reign victorious forever! Jesus, the humble suffering servant, is also the powerful, conquering King and Judge.  Revelation is a book of hope. John, the beloved apostle and eyewitness of Jesus, proclaimed that the victorious Lord would surely return to vindicate the righteous and judge the wicked. But Revelation is also a book of warning. Things were not as they should have been in the churches, so Christ called the members to commit themselves to live in righteousness. Although Jesus gave this revelation of himself to John nearly 2,000 years ago, it still stands as a comfort and challenge to God’s people today. We can take heart as we understand John’s vision of hope: Christ will return to rescue his people and settle accounts with all who defy him. John begins this book by explaining how he received this revelation from God (1:1-20). He then records specific messages from Jesus to the seven churches in Asia (2:1–3:22). Suddenly, the scene shifts as a mosaic of dramatic and majestic images bursts into view before John’s eyes. This series of visions portrays the future rise of evil, culminating in the Antichrist (4:1–18:24). Then follows John’s recounting of the triumph of the King of kings, the wedding of the Lamb, the final judgment, and the coming of the new Jerusalem (19:1–22:5). Revelation concludes with the promise of Christ’s soon return (22:6-21), and John breathes a prayer that has been echoed by Christians through the centuries: “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” (22:20). As you read the book of Revelation, marvel with John at the wondrous panorama of God’s revealed plan. Listen as Christ warns the churches, and root out any sin that blocks your relationship with him. Be full of hope, knowing that God is in control, Christ’s victory is assured, and all who trust him will be saved.

To reveal the full identity of Christ and to give warning and hope to believers

Author The apostle John

Date Written Approximately A.D. 95

Key Verse
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.”—Revelation 21:1

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