Coloring Books Group 3-The Nativity

1John the baptist
2The Nativity of Christ
3Angels visits the shepherds
4The Three Wise Men
5Flight Into Egpyt

Coloring Books Group 3-Special Edition

1The Hospitality of Abraham
2The Prophet Moses
3Raising of Lazarus
4Walking on Water (Peter's Unbelief)
5Saint Catherine
6The Baptism of Christ
7Christ the Teacher
8Peter and John heal the Paralytic
9Prophet Isaiah

Coloring Books Group 3-Teaching Icon Posters

1Creation of the Animals
2Christ the Teacher
3Entry into Jerusalem
4The Crucifixion
5Pentecost - The Descent of the Holy Spirit
6The Ascention
7The Holy Trinity
8Exaltation of the Holy Cross
9Archangel Michael
10Entry of St Mary to the Temple
11St Nicholas
12St Stephen - The First Martyr
14Sts Peter and Paul
15St Elijah the Prophet
16The Transfiguration
17The Four Evangelists