Felt Scenes

NameDVD Number
1God Made the World
2God Made Adam and Eve
3A Special Day (God rested and why we worship on Sun)
4The Fall of Adam and Eve
5The Story of Cain and Able
6Building the Ark
7The Big Flood
8After the Flood, the First rainbow
9The Tower of Bable
10God Blesses Faithful Abraham
11Abraham's Visitors
12Angels Visits Lot
13Abraham's Faith (the sacfrifice of isaac)
14Rebekah Becomes a Bride
15Esau sells his birthright
16Issac a Peacemaker
17Jacob tricks Issac for Blessing
18Jacob's Dream
19Jacob returns home
20The Story of Joseph (coloured coat and dreams)
21Joseph Becomes a Slave
22Pharaoh's Dream
23Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt
24Joseph Forgives His Brothers
25Jacob's Family Moves to Egypt
26The Baby Moses
27God Speaks to Moses (burning Bush)
28Moses and Aaron Visit King Pharaoh
29The Plagues of Egypt (frogs and flies)
30More plahues
31The Passover
32Through the Red Sea
33Food From Heaven
34God Sends Quail
35When Water Flowed From a Rock
36God's Ten Commandments
37The Golden Calf
38Building God's House
39God's House (icluding modern scene)
40Mirian Becomes a Leper
41Afraid of Giants
42Korah's rebellion
43The Story of Balaam
44Moses Makes a Mistake
45The Bronse Serpent
46Death of Moses anf Joshua Is Leader
47Crossing the Jordan
48Fall of Jericho
49Achan Caught Stealing
50Angel appears to Gideon and God's Proof
51Gideon and the Three Hundred
52Story Of Samson
53Samson and Delilah
54Ruth and Naomi
55Ruth and Boaz
56The Boy Samuel
57The Lord Speaks to Samuel
58God Takes Care of the Ark
59Saul Chosen King
60Saul rejected, David Chosen King
61David and the Sheep
62David Plays Harp
63David and Goliath
64David Spares Sauls Life
65David and Jonathan
66Brave, Beautiful Abigail
67Saul Goes to the Woman of Endor
68David Crowned King
69King David Cares for Mephibosheth
70Absalom, A Disobedient Son
71Solomon Desides Between the Two Mothers
72The Building of the Temple
73God Care's For Elijah
74Elijah Raises the Widow's Son
75Elijah on Mount Carmel
76Elijah Becomes Discouraged
77Elijah Goes to Heaven
78Elisha Helps a Widow
79Elisha Raises a Dead Boy
80Naaman is Cured
81Elisha, Prophet of God
82Hezekiah Trusts God
83Joash Hidden in the Temple
84Good King Josiah
85The Story of Jonah
86Daniel and His Three Friends
87The Kings Strange Dream
88Delivered From the Fiery Furnace
89Secret Handwriting
90Daniel in the Lions's Den
91Brave Queen Esther
92God Saves His People
93Everyone Helped Rebuild the Walls
94The Story of Job
95An Angel Visits Zechariah
96An Angel Visits Mary
97Baby Jesus is Born
98The Visit of the Shepherds
99A Star Leads the Wise Men To Jesus
100The Boyhood of Jesus
101John Baptizes Jesus
102Temptation of Christ
103The beginning of Jesus's Ministery (calling the first disciples and the wedding of Cana)
104Healing of Peter's Mother-in-Law
105Jesus Cleanses the Temple
106Jesus Makes a Sick boy Well
107Jesus Speaks at Nazareth
108Jesus Teaches from a Boat and catching the Fish
109Jesus Heals a Sick Man (paralytic)
110Down Through the Roof
111Nicodemus Talks to Jesus
112Sermon on the Mount and Woman at the Well
113Jesus Teaches How to Pray
114How God Cares for Us
115Wise Man and foolish man
116The Wedding Garment
117Jesus Heals a Soldier's Servant
118Parable of the Sower
119Jesus Stills the Storm
120Jesus raises Jairus's Daughter
121Five Loaves and Two Fish
122Peter Saved From Drowning
123The Persistant woman
124The Transfiguration
125Peter Finds Money in a Fish
126The Parable of the servant who owed money
127Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers
128The Pharisee and the Publican
129The Good Samaritan
130James and John ask for the Best Place
131Jesus Visits Mary and Martha
132A rich Man Invites Jesus to Dinner
133The Lost Son
134A Lost Coin and a Lost Sheep
135Treasures in Heaven and Parable of the Talents
136Healing of the Blind Man
137Jesus Brings Lazarus to Life
138Jesus Blesses the Children
139Jesus Talks to a Rich Man
140Zacchaeus Wants to See Jesus
14112th hour worker
142Mary Shows her Love for Jesus
143Entry into Jerusalem
144Widow's donation of 2 mites
145Wise and Foolish Virgins
146Who Are God's Children
147The Last Supper
148Praying at Gesthemane
149Peter Denies Jesus
150Judas Betrays Jesus
151The Crucifixion
152Jesus in the Tomb
153The Resurrection
154Jesus walking with Discples to Emmaus
155Doubting Thomas
156Jesus Feeds His Disciples
157The Ascension
157The Ascension
159Peter heals the Cripple
160Peter and John Tell About Jesus
161Ananias and Sapphira
162Apostles Delivered From Prison
163Seven Helpers Chosen
164Philip the Missionary
165Philip Preaches to the Ethiopian
166The Conversion of Saul
167The Story of Dorcas
168Peter and Cornelius
169An Angel Opens Prison Gates
170Paul Becomes a Missionary
171God Calls Paul to Macedonia
172Paul and Silas in Prison
173Many People Study the Bible
174Sermon on Mars Hill
175Burning evil books
176Trouble at Ephesus
177Paul Brings a Boy to Life
178King Agrippa Hears about Jesus
179Pauls Courage in a storm
180A Run Away Slave
181The Second Coming Of Jesus
182A New Jerusalem