New Testament Power Points

1Annunciation and visitation of Elizabeth
2The Nativity
3Presentation of Christ to the temple
4Visitation of the Magi
5Jesus childhood
6Epiphany and temptation Of Christ
7Jesus calls the first Four
8Wedding at Cana
9Healing of the leper
10Healing of the Paralysed man
11 Christ at Mary and Martha's Home
12Man born blind
13Choosing the 12
14The Centurion's Servant
15Nazareth rejects Christ
16Attempt to arrest Jesus.
17John the Baptist
18Raising of Lazarus
19Entrance to Jerusalem
20Last Supper
21The trial
22The cross
23The Resurrection
24Christ last days

Book of Acts

1Beginning of the Church
3Saul's conversion and Peter's Miracles
4First gentiles converted
5Paul first Journey
6Paul second Journey