In The Beginning

DVD NumberName
13The Exodus
14The Ten Commandments
24Prophets in the desert
25The birth of Jesus

Jesus a Kingdom without Frontiers

DVD NumberNameContent
2The King is born 
3King Herod and the wise men 
4The boy Jesus in the temple 
5The baptism of Jesus 
6Temptation in the Desert 
8The wedding at Cana 
9The woman at the well 
10The Sermon on the MountThe Parable of The Rich Man & Lazarus, Healing a leper
11The Prodigal son 
12The Good Shepherd 
14The miracles of JesusCalming the stormy sea
16Jesus feeds the multitudes 
17Jesus teaching ministry 
18Jesus raises LazarusJesus Raises Lazarus, The Sanhedrin Plots to kill Jesus, Jesus Dining at Lazarus House and (A woman pours perfume on Christ’s feet
19Triumphant entry into Jerusalem 
20The last supper 
21Agony in the garden 
21The trial of Jesus 
23Jesus dies on the cross 
24The resurrection of Jesus 
25Jesus ascends into heaven 
26The Acts of the Apostles