Read And Share The Bible 3
1The promise LandCrossing the Jordan; Walls of Jericho; Sun stands still
2Samson and DelilahSamson Haircut; Pushing the Pillars
3Ruth and NaomiRuth gathers grains; Ruth and Boaz
4SamuelSamuel listens
5David and the GiantYoungest son; The Shepherd
6David is chased-King King Saul Chases David; Jonathan; Jonathan’s son
7ElijahKing Ahab; Fire from heaven
8Esther the QueenA beautiful queen; Angry Haman; Esther Saves her people
9Shadrach, Meshach, AbednegoThree brave men; the extra man
10Jesus’s LifeA Coin in a fish; A blind man; Lazarus is alive
11Saul Becomes PaulSaul is blinded; Ananias helps Saul
12Paul’s TravelA women who sold purple cloth; Earthquake
Read And Share The Bible 4
1GideonToo Many Soldiers; Trumpets and pots
2HannahHannah’s Prayers; Hannah’s Boy
3SolomonThe wisest Man; Whose baby?
4ElishaSeven dips in the Jordan River
5DanielWriting on the wall
6JonahJonah runs away; a big storm; Jonah overboard; A big Fish; Jonah obeys
7Where is Jesus?Jesus with the temple teachers
8Jesus walks on the waterJesus walks on the water
9Jesus’s lifeA very Poor Women; Jesus stops a storm
10Jesus’ PowerJesus best friends; One man says thank you
11PhillipPhillip meets an Ethiopian; Phillip Baptizes the Ethiopian
12Peter in JailPeter in Jail