Read and Share The Bible 1

1The beginningSix days of creation
2Adam and EveSneaky snake-Out of the garden
3The floodNoah's big boat-Animals inside-The dove-The rainbow
4AbramPromised land-Abram's visitors-Sarah loughs-Baby Isaac
5Isaac and RebekahA wife for Isaac-Water for the camels-Rebekah
6Jacob and EsauThe twins-Sneaky Jacob- Foolish Esau
7RachelA leader to heaven-Rachel-Tricked by Laban
8Home again Jacob Wrestles with God-Jacob and Esau meet
9John the BaptistAngel's message-a Baby named John-John baptizes Jesus
10Jesus is bornMary's big surprise-Joseph marries Mary-Sleepy shepherds-Gifts for baby Jesus
11Jesus Tempted by SatanStones to bread-Top of the Temple-Kingdoms of the world
12Jesus Loves ChildrenHealing a sick boy-Bringing a girl back to life-Leaves & Fishes
13One lost sheepA son spends his money-Eating Pig's food-Home to father

Read and Share The Bible 2

1Joseph the slaveJoseph's dreams-Joseph's Coat-Joseph is sold
2Joseph in Jail Joseph explains dreams-The Baker Dream-The King's Dream
3Joseph in chargeJoseph's brothers visit Egypt-Spies
4Joseph and his brothersBowing brothers-Joseph tricks his brothers-Jacob in Egypt
5Moses- A mean KingA baby boy-God sister-A royal princess-Moses's real brother help
6Strange fireMoses runs away-Strange fire-Moses goes home
7Moses goes homeThe king says no- A mistake?-The walking stick miracle
8Moses Parts the waterCloud and fire-Trapped at the red sea-A dry path
9Ten commandmentsFood and water-The mountaintop
10Balaam's donkeyThe donkey and the angel
11The first lord's supperJesus borrows a donkey-Jesus rides like a king-How to serve
12Jesus's resurrectionJesus is alive-Jesus with two friends-Jesus Goes to heaven
13The holy sprit comes God's spirit helps-Everyone hears and understand-A beggar healed